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Agribusiness Incubation

Agribusiness incubation not necessarily limited only to technology innovation and technology transfer. There are three basic types of agribusiness incubators such as a) agribusiness value chain or sector development incubators, b) agricultural research and commercialization incubators and c) technology transfer incubators. Agribusiness Incubator by Way2ABI is one such “agribusiness value chain or sector development incubators”.
There is an absolute need for enterprise formation in agri and allied sectors. Agribusiness incubation is nurturing ideas, extending hand holding support and finally ensuring enterprise formation. Like any other entrepreneurship agriculture entrepreneurship also require lot of hand-holding mainly in the initial stage. Incubation services to start-up entrepreneurs will go a long way in solving the initial teething problems. These aims at supporting the entrepreneurs or incubatees starting from land selection, input purchase, advice on cultivation, processing, supply chain management and marketing plan and programmes.
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