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Agribusiness opportunities

Significant change in consumption pattern of food can be noticed both globally and within India. Rising income of middle class population, more awareness about quality and nutritious food, demographic change, reduced family size etc. are bringing these changes. There is scope for marketing of packaged foods, ready-to-serve food etc. There is rising aspiration of rural youth and awareness about nutrition is also contributing for better marketing of variety of agricultural products. Today food production system requires infrastructure, change in input use, integration of new technologies, compliance to safety standards, suitable skilled manpower, market linkage and marketing strategies etc. required for enhancing profitability. Use of machineries and operation automation is more relevant in view of labour shortage and resource crunch.
The above developments are creating newer opportunities for agriculture entrepreneurs. Farmers, scientists, infrastructure providers, machinery and technology providers, specialised food service providers, financial institutions, venture capitalists, marketers, trading community, warehousing and cold storage service providers, cargos and shipping jetties etc. in the agribusiness chain have a great role to play in the future.
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