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Apiculture or Bee keeping

Apiculture requires not only for production of honey but also for effective pollination. It is recorded that presence of honey bees enhances the yield by 15 to 20%. On the other hand, absence of pollinators can cause disaster to agriculture and horticulture crop production. Of late, most of the natural pollinator population have declined due to indiscriminate uses of pesticides, loss of forest and flora, diseases, climate change. Promotion of bee keeping will not only enhance the pollinators but also give nutritious honey. This enhances farm income. Developing bee friendly flora in garden, parks and fields will play a significant role in conservation of bee population. Further it is time that we go for bee friendly plant protection schedules and reduce the use of herbicides. Several bee types are available for cultivation, one can pickup based on their location and capacity to manage. Professional bee keeping experts can really make a difference in successful apery development.
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