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Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Management course

Agricultural activity is dynamic and changes with technological advancements. Several factors like climate change, market demands, consumer preferences, labour availability, water availability, soil conditions determine the kind of activity that is required. Today’s agriculture aims at intensive cultivation at the same time creating sustainable environment. Under protected cultivation, it is possible to produce high quantity vegetables and flowers using minimum resources mainly the land. It requires use of technical expertise of several other fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, satellite technology, bio technology etc.
Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Management course aims at giving the candidate an exposure to modern agriculture with a clear focus on addressing field level issues. This course will have a right mixture of both business management principles and the agri and allied sectors insights. There are about 12 unique add-on courses planned under this by Way2BI. They include farm management; precision, integrated and organic farming; crop cultivation under protected condition or greenhouse; ornamental horticulture and landscaping; apiculture; ornamental fisheries; goat farming; agri tourism; post harvest management; agricultural marketing; agribusiness project management; and commodities market. Training and mentoring will be done by the sector or subject experts.
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