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Farming and medium size farm

Modern day farming mainly by non conventional farmers should aim at commercial viability and long-term sustainability. Efficient use of resources available, renewability and better agricultural practices will give added dimension. Several other field supports such as use of IT-BT, robotics, telemetry, satellite etc. are required for successful farming today. There are several schools of thoughts and farming system to achieve sustainability and profitability. To name the few are organic farming, eco farming, integrated farming, mixed farming, sustainable farming, commercial farm, greenhouse cultivation, hydroponics etc. However the technologies have to be adopted locally. Today’s farming should be market driven and should be practised as per consumer preference. Future farming depends on use of automated machines, seeds and other inputs which can give high quality produce and are specific to its use in industry. For example, if one wants tender coconut, he should plant coconut variety with high water content. Way2ABI offers necessary services to run a commercial farm successfully.
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