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Food Processing

There has been a heavy wastage of perishable food products in India post harvest period. It is estimated that wastage is as high as 30-35% in selected crops. India is one of the countries having low percentage (2%) of food processing. There is great scope for food processing industries in the country, provided one maintains the quality and safety standards, safe to environment and products are innovative and needs of target groups. Good post harvest practises like grading, packing, labelling and storage and transportation will play important role in keeping the produce fresh, reduce wastage and help deliver quality product to consumer.
Food Processing a priority sector in Govt. of India and Karnataka and there several incentives are provided to this sector. Processed food such as ready to eat, ready to cook, target oriented foods are becoming more popular. Nutraceuticals and functional foods are also gaining momentum as there are immense opportunities to introduce newer products and keep ahead of the market.
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