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Goat farming

Especially under dry conditions where resources are limited, goat farming has an added advantage. They consume less resource, convert wastage into meat and milk and its farming can add to carbon prints. Selection of goat breed or sheep breed, farm maintenance and good veterinary services can bring much profitability. This can form an important part of small farming system.
Stall-fed commercial goat farming is gaining momentum in recent times with higher demand for meat and milk. With lesser land requirements, limited risks compared with crop production, lesser capital investment, Banks support, higher returns and easy to market, stall-fed goat farming has become great and guaranteed profitable business idea. It is catching up with forward farmers, professionals, unemployed educated youths and businessman. One has to emphasise on good breeds, good housing system, feeding (fodder) and marketing to be successful in this business. Way2ABI offers turnkey services for commercial goat farming projects.
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