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Greenhouse or poly house

Greenhouse cultivation of vegetables, flowers, exotic vegetables, medicinal herbs etc. not only enhance yield and quality but also reduce the use of water, pesticides and nutrients. Further it is also possible to grow off-season crops as we control the temperature, light etc. in greenhouse. Crops are protected from sudden change in weather and unforeseen heavy rains, hailstorm, gusty winds etc. However, very good professional management is required for successful operations of greenhouse. Poly-house plans and designs, quality of structure is most important as it should withstand heavy wind and rains. Awareness on crop science and crop management system, suitable infrastructure for crop production and post harvest management of crops, and linkage with the market are very important aspects for success of greenhouse or poly house operations.
As the investment on greenhouse or poly house is substantially higher, the State and the Central Govt have introduced number of schemes to subsidise these projects. Financial assistance under suitable scheme has to be availed for the benefit of the project. Way2ABI offers turnkey services to run greenhouse projects.
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