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With commercial crops gaining momentum, there has been a great shift in the minds of farming community to go for horticulture. Horticulture includes cultivation of fruits, vegetables, plantation crops, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants. Horticulture has crops that are suitable to every agro climatic conditions. Horticulture sector is witnessing at robust growth in the recent year with changes in consumer perception and shifting towards nutrition security from food security. Some of the latest development in the sector includes protected cultivation (greenhouse) targeting higher yield and returns; rising consumption of high value crops with improved availability across the season; emergence of concepts like urban agriculture with improved awareness on food quality etc. The scope for the betterment of horticulture sector is immense. Use of on farm technologies, post harvest technologies, value addition and marketing is to gain the momentum.
Karnataka is regarded as the “Cafeteria of Horticultural Crops” given the suitability for cultivation of various horticultural crops. Now, there is a need for developing the horticulture sector as a viable alternative to the agriculture in the selected pockets in Karnataka, as the later is not as remunerative as horticulture whether it is under irrigated or rain-fed conditions.
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