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Project report

With respect to agribusiness, project report is a formal document covering all information about the promoter background, the business model, investment components, project financials etc. Depending upon the availability of details in the report, it can be broadly classified as project concept note, project report and Detailed Project Report (DPR) i.e., Bankable report. DPR in particular will be a blue print or guidelines for implementation of the project. Detailing of plan and programmes is a core requirement of DPR. There are certain set guidelines to be followed for preparation of the project report. However, these vary depending upon the purpose of the report.
DPR generally need to meet the requirements of Govt. approval and clearances, Bank loan and it has to be decision enabling document for implementation of the project. Details on investment including source of fund; model of procurement of agriculture raw materials, value addition and marketing of final produce; market survey; master plan and design; project components; quotations; technical feasibility and financial viability; implementation plan and schedule; financial ratios; provisional profit and loss account and balance sheet etc. to be covered in the project report. Supportive documents would be part of DPR, which will be generally included in the annexure. Way2ABI offers comprehensive services for project planning, bankable project report preparation and project implementation.
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