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Vegetables cultivation

Demand for green vegetables and fresh vegetables is increasing with increase in population and also increasing demand for high quality vegetables. Though vegetable cultivation, value addition and marketing is conventional profession, it has exciting opportunities to go for modern technologies given the challenges such as limited land, perishability of the crop, demand for improved quality etc. The future of vegetable farm will be to grow vegetables in greenhouse under controlled condition of light, water, nutrients, temp, Co2 and O2 ratio using sensors. Further there is scope to grow them under hydroponics, aero phonics, aqua phonics. Slowly manual works are giving way for automation. Elsewhere robots are used grafting of vegetable seedlings, planting, weeding, insecticidal sprays and even harvesting. Use of solar energy and multi storied cropping are also being introduced. However this activity requires high degree of technicality, skill management and requirement of services.
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