Our Brands

We Way2Agribusiness India Pvt. Ltd., deal in both agri inputs and agri output for the benefit of farmers and consumers. Agri inputs being handled under the brand “Way2Agritech” which covers agri inputs, implements and machineries those are used by the farmers in their crop cultivation operations. Agri output being handled under the brand “Way2Foods” which covers those are grown and supplied by the farmers and they will be looking for market creation for the same.


“Way2Foods” is a registered Trade Mark by Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd to supply vegetables, fruits, groceries and other food products to its customers. Quality and consistence supply is the core focus of Way2Foods. Over 300 products and services offered including fresh produce, value added products & combo packs to households, apartments, HORECA, institutional buyers etc. under Way2Foods. Branded combo packs such as Way2Foods Spices Combo, Millets Combo and Nuts Combo and convenient combo packs like Way2Foods Combo - Essential Vegetables are part of our supplies. The key features of Way2Foods includes direct sourcing from farmers, aggregation at APMC - Bengaluru, primary processing of output and finally supply of produce to selected customers. Way2Foods aims to create market for farmers’ produce and also offer better services for customers with strong online presence. Under the umbrella brand Way2Foods, online platforms developed included www.way2foods.in (e-commerce portal), www.way2vegetables.com (for vegetables & fruits) and www.way2groceries.in (for groceries).
Please do visit www.way2foods.in for further details on our agri output brand Way2Foods.


“Way2Agritech” is a comprehensive agri-technology solutions covering agri inputs, implements and machineries for the farmers and other users. The objective of Way2Agritech is to catalyst agricultural technology adoption by the farmers, knowledge transformation and promotion of quality agri-tech products and sales generation. Way2Agritech will be a channel partner between farmers or technology users and the manufacturers. Some of the key initiatives taken up under Way2Agritech are physical outlet, technical guidance to farmers, facilitation of new and customized technology development etc. Online services under the brand Way2Agritech included Mob App Way2Agritech and e-commerce portal www.way2agritech.com. Product specific websites for different categories of products covers www.powertiller.in (for farm machineries & implements), www.drsoilhealth.com (for plant growth promoters & plant protection products) and www.urbanagriculture.in (for terrace garden products).
Please do visit www.way2agritech.com for further details on our agri input brand Way2Agritech.