Value addition is gaining momentum as the food is transported for longer distances and globalisation has created more opportunity to trade food products internationally.

With respect to agribusiness, project report is a formal document covering all information about the promoter background, the business model, investment components, project financials etc.

Agribusiness incubation not necessarily limited only to technology innovation and technology transfer. There are three basic types of agribusiness incubators such as

Agricultural activity is dynamic and changes with technological advancements. Several factors like climate change, market demands, consumer preferences, labour availability,

Market information v/s intelligence: Market Intelligence is a process of analysis of data and giving insights into what might happen in the future. This process requires gathering data and converting into information and then to market.

Building linkage between the farm and the market for the benefit of farmers and also trading community is the need of the day. This would assist to reduction in cost incurred across the chain and also showcase better trading system.

Many times concepts are left behind without implementation. This will cause a kind of vacuum in identifying the problems while implementing the concepts. In order to show a smooth path way in implementing the projects, Way2ABI take up live demos

In spite of setback at various stages of agriculture supply chain, all the participants in the chain mainly the famers need to continue with their livelihood activities. This is not only important for farmers’ point of view but also for consumers,

Significant change in consumption pattern of food can be noticed both globally and within India. Rising income of middle class population, more awareness about quality and nutritious food, demographic change, reduced family size etc.

Unlike other business, agribusiness takes place in a complex environment, by involving farmers, intermediaries, government policy makers and marketers. Agribusiness service would deal with required decision enabling strategic input support

Today’s agriculture needs not only high technology but also use of quality inputs, conservation of soil, water, environment and marketing facilities. Labour shortage and climate change have added new challenges to farming activities.

With introduction of commercial crops gaining momentum, there has been a great shift in the minds of farming community to go for horticulture. Horticulture includes cultivation of fruits,

There has been a heavy wastage of perishable food products in India post harvest period. It is estimated that wastage is as high as 30-35% in selected crops. India is one of the countries having low percentage (2%) of food processing.

Apiculture requires not only for production of honey but also for effective pollination. It is recorded that presence of honey bees enhances the yield by 15 to 20%. On the other hand, absence of pollinators can cause disaster to crop

Modern day farming mainly by non conventional farmers should aim at commercial viability and long-term sustainability. Efficient use of resources available, renewability.

Greenhouse cultivation of vegetables, flowers, exotic vegetables, medicinal herbs etc. not only enhance yield and quality but also reduce the use of water, pesticides and nutrients. Further it is also possible to grow off-season crops as we

Especially under dry conditions where resources are limited, goat farming has an added advantage. They consume less resource, convert wastage into meat and milk and its farming can add to carbon prints. Selection of goat breed.

Dairy farm is a farm where cows are raised for the production of milk and other dairy products. These farmers are involved in a wide range of activities for the purpose of increasing milk production. Milk which is produced on these

Demand for green vegetables and fresh vegetables is increasing with increase in population and also increasing demand for high quality vegetables. Though vegetable cultivation, value addition and marketing is conventional profession,

At a time when input cost, labour cost, management cost are going up, cluster approach play an important role in making efficient use of resources, improve supply chain management, create better infrastructure for post harvest operation

“Agri tourism” or farm tourism is a holiday concept of visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operations for the purpose of infotainment, education or active involvement in the activities of the farm.

Cold Storage units are refrigerated warehouse chambers that preserve perishable goods from spoilage by restricting metabolic activity of stored products at low temperature thereby retaining moisture, color, texture, aroma and freshness.