1. End to End Project Implementation Services!
    Hand Holding Support for Agribusiness Project Implementation and Operations Management
  2. Bridge the Market Knowledge Gap!
    Periodical Commodity Price Outlook & Market Insights to Enable You to Take Informed Decisions
  3. Catalyse sustainable Market Linkages!
    Trading Platform to Redefine the Connection Between the Farm and the Market
  4. Mentor the Agribusiness start-ups!
    Incubation Services and Course on Agri Entrepreneurship to Buttress Enterprise Formation
  5. Showcase Viable Agribusiness models!
    Demonstrate Innovative Farming and Marketing Techniques as Proof of Concepts

Way2Agribusiness India Pvt. Ltd. (Way2ABI)

ವೇ2ಅಗ್ರಿಬಿಸ್ನೆಸ್ ಇಂಡಿಯಾ ಪ್ರೈವೇಟ್ ಲಿಮಿಟೆಡ್

Way2Agribusiness India Pvt. Ltd. is a social enterprise, incorporated in March 2014, address the issue of agribusiness exposure and market knowledge on agri commodities and trading in agri-tech products and agricultural produce. Our core focus is to assist transformation of agriculture or farming activities into agribusiness. Our objective is to be a one-stop solution provider for farmers and agribusiness enterprises with a mission is to enhance the business competitiveness of participants in agri and allied sectors mainly farmers and agri-entrepreneurs through our enabling products and services.

Our Vision & Mission

  • Our Vision

    To be a one-stop solution provider for farmers and whole gamut of agribusiness enterprises.

  • Our Mission

    To enhance the business competitiveness of participants in agri and allied sectors mainly farmers and agri-entrepreneurs through our enabling products and services.

  • Our objectives

    Provide research based consultancy services and contemporary solutions to the clients in agribusiness sector

    Facilitate project implementation and management for seamless agribusiness operations

    Undertake trading operations of selected agri outputs and inputs incl. implements & machineries.

  • Our differentiators

    Robust understanding of farming conditions in Karnataka and knowledge repository

    Strong network with agribusiness participants, industry and the Govt. institutions

    Innovative and wholesome services in all key areas agri projects, output and inputs

    Online services, scalable and impactful services

    Also engaged in physical trading operations

Opportunities with us

Way2ABI Agri FBI Moblie App

Main Stakeholders

For Farmers & FPOs: a) Agri inputs/ Agri-tech products, b) Market for farmers produce, c) App based market intelligence & d) Project consultancy services

For Agri Inputs Manufacturers: a) Better network with farmers, b) Market penetration & business development, c) Availing Govt. & other agencies benefits

Agri Entrepreneurs: a) Project planning & DPRs, b) Project execution support & c) market linkage & business development

Households & Apartment Residents: a) Supply of most of all food products, b) Quality produce at competitive price & c) Online initiatives

Govt. Agencies: a) Knowledge Partner services for investment promotion, b) Project services & c) Support for market creation & sustainable activities by the Govt agencies

Way2Market Agri CM Mobile app

Agribusiness Community

Agri Output Traders: a) Market Intelligence services through Apps and b) Agri project services & market development assistance

HORECA: a) Consistency in supply & quality produce at competitive prices, b) Food products sourcing packages & c) Supply at fixed prices with credit period

Veg & Groceries Shops: a) Quality produce at competitive prices, b) consistency in supply & c) execution support in the entry level

Agri Input Traders: a) Supply of selected inputs & agri-tech product and b) Market penetration & business development

Farmers and buyers account covers quantity they handle, price target, fund requirements (if farmer), required produce (if buyer) etc.

Way2ABI take a challenge that price strategies offered would be favorable to our customers.

Our Team & Mentors

A right blend of multi disciplinary subject experts including in-house staff and empanelled experts would take up agribusiness projects

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    Dr. Prassanna D

    Dr. Prassanna D is founder and CEO of Way2ABI and brings over 14 years of experience in agribusiness research and consulting. He has worked extensively in the areas of commodity marketing – procurement and SOPs for agribusiness activities, investment opportunity identification, agribusiness project report preparation and execution. He is Ph D in Food and Agribusiness Management with an in-depth understanding of Economics and Farm Management. He has worked with prestigious companies like Mahindra Consulting Engineers Ltd. (MACE), Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd., Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd. and Foretell Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He has also successfully spearheaded the “Bounteous Karnataka” (Agri GIM - agribusiness investment promotion initiative by Government of Karnataka, representing the Knowledge Partners and Transaction Advisors – MACE and PwC. Dr. Prassanna D, through this venture, is committed towards enhancing competitiveness of agribusiness participants in the state of Karnataka

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    Dr. G.K. Vasanth Kumar

    He has around four decades of experience in agriculture and allied sectors mainly in the area of horticulture crop production, processing and marketing. He is Retired Special Secretary, Department of Agriculture – Govt. of Karnataka and Director – Horticulture. Dr. Vasanth Kumar has contributed substantially to areas related to agribusiness investment promotion and institutional reforms. He was instrumental in implementation of several key programmes and initiatives suggested in the Integrated Agribusiness Development Policy – 2011. Dr. Vasanth Kumar, with his diverse and robust experience, contributes to our pre-project services, project marketingnagement consultancy and agribusiness operations.

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    Dr. M Devaraj

    He is Professor and Agribusiness Specialist and also served Institute of Development Studies, Mysore as Director. He has about 35 years of experience and known for academic excellence and published number of articles, research papers and contributed significantly to the field of agribusiness. Dr. Devaraj conducted various national and international conferences. Also travelled across globe including US, UK, Japan etc. He is a Ph D in agricultural marketing from University of Mysore. Dr. Devaraj mentors Way2ABI operations and contributes to pre-project services, project management consultancy services and Way2ABI Apps – Market Intelligence.

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    Sri K.T. Gangadhar

    He is a veteran farmer leader in the state and hails from a farming family in Shimoga. He represents Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha & Hasiru Sene. He stands for welfare of farming community in the state and striving to improve their economic condition. Sri Gangadhar has travelled widely and understands very well the problems faced by the agribusiness community including farmers. He constantly guides farmer facing team and extends support for designing supply chain operations to create a win-win situation for the farmers and other participants.

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    Dr. K.V.Mahabalagiri Bhat

    He has been associated with the Karnataka State Agricultural Marketing Board for over 36 years in various capacities. He has diverse experience in field of agricultural marketing, training, research, extension and administration and retired as Chief General Manager. He is Ph D in Food and Agribusiness Management from Mysore University. He possesses exposure training in Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices from USA under NIAM-USAID programme in “Strengthening Agricultural Marketing System in India”. Dr. Bhat extends support to pre-project services, Way2ABI Apps – Market Intelligence, Way2ABI Apps – Trading Platform and agribusiness operations.

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    Mr. Kumar Tiwari

    A multi-disciplinary consultant, B. Tech, PGDIT (IIFT), with over three decades of experience in project management, international trade, consultancy, marketing and logistics. His domain expertise includes export operations facilitation, agriculture, waste management etc. He has robust international business network and has travelled widely in over 30 countries. Mr. Kumar Tiwari contributes to our pre-project services, project management consultancy and Way2ABI Apps – Trading Platform.


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Agri Knowledege center
Way2ABI Smart Farmer
ಸ್ಮಾರ್ಟ್ ಫಾರ್ಮರ್
  • Commodity market knowledge
  • Agribusiness exposure for farmers & entrepreneurs
  • Access to suitable agri-tech products
  • Customized services
  • All those suitable services accessible cost effectively

channel partner
Local Representative
ಸ್ಥಳೀಯ ಪ್ರತಿನಿಧಿ
  • Promotion of “Way2ABI Smart Farmer”
  • Farmer network & awareness about their needs
  • Technical support and motivation
  • Adhere to Way2ABI policy and procedure
  • Perform, gain & be a part of agri knowledge system

agriculture technologies
Local Dealer
ಸ್ಥಳೀಯ ವಿತರಕ
  • Dealer for selected agri-tech products
  • Farmer touch point - Business leads execution & services
  • Promotion of “Way2ABI Smart Farmer”
  • Farmer network & be aware their needs
  • Be a part of Way2ABI agribusiness eco system

Current Job Openings With Us

Description Post – Type 1 Post – Type 2 Post – Type 3
Designation Executive - Agri Clinic Operations Web developer & SEO Analyst/ Software Engineer Executive – Agritech Operations
Qualification Diploma / B Sc Agriculture or Horticulture Diploma in CS/ BE - CS, IS & E&C/ BCA/ MCA ITI/ Diploma Agri Engg/ B Tech/ BE Mechanical
Experience Fresher or experienced Fresher or experienced Fresher or experienced
Required skill sets Crop pest & disease analysis, PGP, PPP, service to farmers & sales a) Development of websites (HTML5, css, Bootstrap, Mysql & PHP) & Mob Apps and b) SEO Agri-tech products assembling, demonstration & service
Preference Crop management insights Web development training completed Agri-engineering & can take up field visits/ demonstration
Salary Rs.12,000 to Rs.18,000/ month Rs.10,000 to Rs.14,000/ month Rs.9,000 to Rs.14,000/ month